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Breaking up with Bill Simmons

By Sterling Pingree You never forget your first. First kiss, first car, first trip to Fenway. In more modern times, some of these chestnuts have changed I’m sure. Here’s a fun exercise, if you have Twitter, go into the list... Read more

The most exciting Patriot ever

By Sterling Pingree The Patriot Way is an efficient machine. It’s a machine that’s been turning since the Millennium because of Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft. Some would call it a ruthlessly efficient modern marvel that at the same time... Read more

Bullpen on Parade: What is going on with the Red Sox relievers?

By Sterling Pingree The Red Sox are 74-33, their best record since 1946 and currently 5.5 games ahead of the New York Yankees. Sale is having a Cy Young season, Mookie and JD are both playing with that MVP swagger... Read more

Would Tim Tebow be the Red Sox top prospect?

By Sterling Pingree Tim Tebow is an All-Star in the Eastern League this season, the same league in which the Red Sox Double-A affiliate the Portland Sea Dogs play. The Sea Dogs only had one offensive player named to that... Read more

Red Sox All-Stars, you forgot were All-Stars

By Sterling Pingree The Red Sox have five players taking part in this year’s mid-summer classic and for four of them it’s just another rite of the season. For Chris Sale, Craig Kimbrel, Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez, it’s not... Read more

Uncle Drew: A movie review

By Sterling Pingree With the news that a Pepsi commercial, featuring Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving was going to be developed into a full length feature film, I think most people were dubious that the product could turn out well.... Read more

Lebron could own Los Angeles, but not the Lakers

By Sterling Pingree Lebron is the belle of the ball once again. Every four years in this country, we have a presidential election and every four years Lebron James becomes a free agent and gets courted like a southern belle... Read more

Wrong side of history: Boston Celtics in the NBA Draft

By Sterling Pingree The NBA Draft is about potential and possibility. It is common for fans and pundits to remind their audience about all of the guys that they were right about. “I knew Durant was going to be better... Read more

U.S. (Open) vs the World (Cup)

By Sterling Pingree Two major sporting events started on Thursday, the U.S. Open golf championship and the World Cup. As I write this, I’m watching the number one ranked player in the world, son in law of Wayne Gretzky, Dustin... Read more

You don’t trade Rob Gronkowski, you just don’t

By Sterling Pingree   Raise your hand if you know one thing for certain about the New England Patriots at the moment you’re reading this. You might have raised you hand and if you did you’re a more confident person... Read more

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