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Quarterly report: The Boston sports landscape at a glance

By Sterling Pingree In business, quarterly earnings and quarterly reports are a good gauge to understand the health of your organization. I recently received my quarterly statement about my retirement fund and it got me thinking (as most things do)... Read more

What the Cooks’ trade doesn’t mean for the Patriots

By Sterling Pingree This week the Patriots traded receiver Brandin Cooks to the Rams for a first round pick, #23 overall. The deal caught many by surprise as well it probably should in an off season that saw the exodus... Read more

The saddest little ballpark in baseball

By Sterling Pingree Opening day evokes thoughts of spring and all the sensory items that go along with it. The crack of the bat, the smell of the grass, bright sunshine and in the northeast, the feeling that the snow... Read more

Sigh of relief; The Patriots’ biggest off season move

By Sterling Pingree The Patriots finally made their most impactful signing of the off season. When it was announced, I got a text from Aaron Jackson and in my state of relief, almost switched lanes involuntarily. The player they signed... Read more

Patriots free agency news and notes

By Sterling Pingree Thoughts and musings concerning the New England Patriots from an eventful beginning of the new NFL league year. The loss of Danny Amendola hit harder than I think most Patriots fans thought it would. It’s interesting to... Read more

Patriots free agency: New (league) year’s eve

By Sterling Pingree As a bonus to my Patriots’ free agency preview, here are 5 names to keep an eye on as we approach the start of the new league year on Wednesday at 4pm. These aren’t the name most... Read more

Chad Finn, the Boston Globe, 3-12-18

Patriots’ free agency preview part III: No chance

By Sterling Pingree The new NFL league year begins on March 14th at 4pm, which is when players’ contracts for 2017 officially run out, become free agents and can sign with other teams. The last two weeks I have run... Read more

2018 Patriots free agency preview part II:The Price is Right.

By Sterling Pingree   The NFL’s new league year begins on March 14th at 4pm, which is the time when player’s 2017 contracts run out and officially become free agents. The Patriots have a cache’ of players hitting the open... Read more

Patriots free agency preview Part I: The Returners

By Sterling Pingree Last year about this time, I wrote a three part prediction series about the Patriots free agents and their chances of staying in Foxborough or driving down route one for other pastures. (They don’t come any greener... Read more

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