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Book review: Francona by Terry Francona with Dan Shaughnessy

By Sterling Pingree I like to think that I read a lot. My annual reading output is about 50 books per year, with my goal always being to read a book per week. I am a very seasonal reader, meaning... Read more

Jackson 5: Bold predictions for MLB’s second half

By Aaron Jackson For this week’s Jackson 5, I’m going to give you 5 Bold Predictions for the second half of the Major League Baseball season. Before we get to that though, best to rehash what I said before the... Read more

Boston Red Sox second half wish list

By Sterling Pingree Now that we’ve broken through the All-Star break and come out on the other side, I started thinking about what I’d like to see from the Boston Red Sox in the second half of the season. The... Read more

My first love: UMaine Hockey

By Matthew Cunha Wednesday and Thursday are the only days in the nation with none of the four major professional sports taking place. In my book, that means that they are the worst two days of the year. Since options... Read more

All Rise…Actually, You’re Going to Want to Sit for This One

By Mark Paulette Look out, folks, because I’m about to ruffle some feathers with six little words. I am an Aaron Judge fan. I know, it’s blasphemous to put the word “like” or any other synonym in the same sentence... Read more

Jackson 5: Boston Celtics, Jae Crowder trade targets

By Aaron Jackson With Gordon Hayward now in the fold, Jae Crowder becomes incredibly expendable, both in terms of his position and perhaps in terms of his attitude. Crowder made it pretty clear last year that he wasn’t happy with... Read more

I was thinking about Jonathan Papelbon the other day

By Sterling Pingree Over the 4th of July weekend, I was quizzing myself on Red Sox trivia because that’s how I celebrate holidays, by learning the most random facts that I can. (Did you know that the only Red Sox... Read more

Feats of Strength: A Seinfeld themed Red Sox mid-season awards

By Sterling Pingree The Boston Red Sox are 2 games away from the official mid-point of the baseball season. We’ve learned a lot about this team since breaking camp in Fort Myers but I’m still not sure we know anything... Read more

Myth Busters: Dave Dombrowski edition

By Mark Paulette There’s a notion out there, popular among one specific member of The Drive that since taking the reigns as Red Sox team president, Dave Dombrowski, has decimated the organization’s minor leagues by making questionable moves to obtain... Read more

Jackson 5: What the Celtics do now

By Aaron Jackson Before this year’s NBA Draft, the prevailing thought was that we would know Boston’s game plan after the picks were made. Very few thought that somehow Danny Ainge could actually somehow muddy the waters even more, but... Read more

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Dean’s Detailing