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DeVito’s Patriots notebook: Week 11 vs Oakland in Mexico City

By Mike DeVito The Patriots need to be prepared for Oakland to give them their best shot. The Raiders are 4-5 and need this win to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot. Head coach Jack Del Rio has... Read more

Bill Belichick’s Thanksgiving press conference: a satire

By Sterling Pingree What would a Bill Belichick press conference look like, if the media asked the Pats coach only questions about Thanksgiving? Perhaps it would go something like this. Reporter: Coach, this meal is on a short week, how... Read more

Covering All the Bases: Red Sox hot stove rumors and how they may play out

By Mark Paulette I present to you three ways Boston’s off season could go, ranging from unlikely-to-likely-to-downright strange, brought to you courtesy of me, myself and I. Fantasy Land: Red Sox trade for Giancarlo Stanton, sign Eduardo Nunez at market... Read more

Jackson 5: NBA championship power ranking

By Aaron Jackson A little over a tenth of the way through the season seems like a good time to get a check in with the NBA and see where teams stand. Please note, this is a “who is most... Read more

DeVito’s Patriots notebook: Week 10 at Denver

By Mike DeVito The Patriots return from their bye week with the second half of the season in front of them and an extended trip out west to take on the Broncos this week and the Raiders in Mexico City... Read more

Patriots mid-season thoughts and questions

By Sterling Pingree The Patriots have reached the midway point in the season and Sunday night in Denver begins the second half of their season. While I don’t want to admit that football season is halfway over, I do have... Read more

It’s time to admit that Brad Stevens is the NBA’s top coach

By Mark Paulette I’m all about the body of work argument when it comes to deciding whether one thing is greater than the other. You want to tell me Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback because of the unparalleled skill... Read more

The silver (blue and red) lining to the Jimmy G trade: Brady retires a Patriot

By Sterling Pingree “Just when they think they have the answers, I change the questions.” Rowdy Roddy Piper Monday night, while everybody was thinking about the Patriots making additions, Bill Belichick made a subtraction, when he dealt backup quarterback Jimmy... Read more

Jackson 5: Burning questions for Bill Belichick

By Aaron Jackson The New England Patriots are exactly where you thought they’d be, unless you’re a mad man like Mark Paulette who actually bought into the “undefeated season” hype. But how they got here is certainly not how many... Read more

Mike DeVito’s Patriots Notebook: week 8 vs the Chargers

By Mike DeVito It wasn’t very long ago that the Patriots week 8 match up with the Chargers looked about as appetizing as candy corn, but after Los Angeles (still sounds weird to say) won three in a row, this... Read more

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